Leisure Bay Hot Tub Filters Canada

Get discount spa filters online for your Leisure Bay hot tub in Canada.

Popular cartridge filters that fit some of these spa models include:

45-50 sq. ft. top load skim filter measuring 10 1/4″ long x 5 5/16″ diameter with top and bottom holes measuring 2 1/8″. M50451 compatible with PLBS50, C-5345,FC-2970

75 sq. ft. filter M50651 replacement for Unicel C-5374 and FC-2971 which measures

  • Diameter: 5 5/16″
  • Length:14 3/4″
  • Top Hole: 2 1/8″
  • Bottom Hole: 2 1/8″

75 sq. ft. M40752 filter replaces PCAL75, C-4970 and FC-2930 measuring 23 5/8″ long x 5.0″ diameter with top and bottom holes measuring 2 1/8″ inner diameter.

50 sq. ft. M40506 filter compatible with PRB50-IN, C-4950 and FC-2390 measures 13 5/16″ long x 5″ diameter and top/bottom hole diameter 2 1/8.

25 sq. ft. filter M42513 compatible with PRB25-IN, C-4326 and FC-2375 measuring 13 5/16″ long x 5″ diameter with top and bottom holes at 2 1/8″ inner diameter.

35 sq. ft. filter M40353 replaces PRB35‐IN, C‐4335, FC‐2385 measuring 9 1/4″ long x 5″ in diameter and center hole top and bottom measuring 2 1/8″ inner diameter.

10 sq. ft. filter M40101 replaces PWW10, C-4310 and FC-3077 measuring 4″ long x 4 1/4″ diameter and center hole 2 1/16″ top and bottom.

40 sq. ft. filter compatible with 6Ch-940 PWW50, FC-0359 with a top handle and bottom 1 1/2″ SAE threaded connector. Measures 7 5/8″ x 6″ diameter.

Rec warehouse and Leisure Bay were seemingly operated by the same business entity. Not exactly sure how they tie into Dream Maker spas and Sunrise, but Spa Filters Canada has cartridge filters that will fit most of these spa models. 

wall skimmerfilSome of the Leisure Bay spas use a pressure filter while others use a skimmer.  The wall skimmer is how the spa brings water into the circulation pump.