Hot Tub Filters Update Canada 2020 and 2021

It’s spring of 2021 and we are slowly but surely leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror as vaccinations begin to become more available.

Who would have predicted such a long and drawn out recovery which has affected everyone on the planet?   Staying safe and healthy is the best outcome during these difficult times.  

Not only has the pandemic been difficult on all of us individually, but the supply chains in a variety of industries are still bogged down a full year later.  Filter manufacturers are having a difficult time keeping up with unprecedented demand and also some material and labor shortages as well as getting caught up from previous shutdowns.  Their focus is also diluted by having to manufacture filtration devices and components outside the pool and spa industry.   The result is a continued shortage in some filter models, though we continue to update our sources for available filter cartridges to help keep pool and spa water clean and safe.

The current predictions have most of the supply chain getting caught up by summer of 2021, though as we know things can change again as we get closer to the estimated dates. 

Severely impacted in the spa industry is the availability of electronics as both Gecko, a Canadian manufacturer and Balboa, a U.S. manufacturer cannot keep up with production demands, also a full year into the pandemic.  The priority is to keep the OEM spa manufacturers supplied with enough to build spas and not further hold up assembly lines.  That leave current spa owners, the so called “after market”, getting the short end of the stick in terms of available parts supply. 

Some spa manufacturers have completely or partially shut down the shipments of any spare electronic parts until they can gain more confidence in receiving more product from the likes of Balboa, Gecko and other component manufacturers.  The shortage of plastics and raw materials are also playing into this extended delay in being able to get parts leaving many hot tub owners to shut down spas completely during the winter months. 

We are hopefully that spring 2021 marks the beginning of the recovery, though most likely will be coupled with higher prices as manufacturers are passing along price increases. 

Here at Spa Filters Canada, we are working hard to regain supply and hope to see a ramp up over the spring in more and more skus becoming stocked and available again.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy!

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