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Hot Tub Winter Cover Cap Canada

The Spa Cover Cap protects your hot tub cover from winter elements and summer sun.
It’s too early to think about winter!!! But having the right supplies on hand will make the fall and eventual winter in your hot tub more enjoyable. Hot tub covers should always be in place when the spa is not...
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Hot Tub Winter Fun in Canada

Winter fun in the holiday hot tub for the whole family.
Many Canadians enjoy their hot tubs year round.  While some may have “closed” the hot tub by going through the time-consuming ordeal of having to blow out all the lines, sometimes even adding RV antifreeze to the pipes and taking...
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Fall is Hot Tub Season in Canada

Enjoy hot tub in the fall
The fall brings out the beautiful colours in our local parks, but also creates the perfect ambient temperatures for an evening soak in the hot tub. Before the snow arrives, home owners are turning their attention to winter maintenance preparations. ...
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