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Buy filters in bulk or in case quantities and save! 

Buy Filters OnlineEnter your filter model number in the search box above. If a set of bulk filters is available for your particular filter model, it will be listed on the single filter page as an option.

Spa filters should be changed out every year.  You know how fast a year can roll around! 

C4950 Filter SearchEliminate future headaches and time searching for that filter again by ordering them in bulk. 

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Saves on Shipping Costs
  • Keeps Spa Water Clean
  • Provides an Alternate Filter

Popular Case Quantity Spa Filters – Best Sellers:

Filbur FC-2780 replaces Unicel C-8326 and Pleatco PSD125-2000 ==> Buy the Special 3-pack and SAVE more along with FREE Shipping in Canada!
Sale: $109.57 ea. Bulk: 3 for $322.97 ($107.65 ea.). Get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada when buying this bulk 3-pack or for any other orders over $200.

Unicel C-4950 – Pleatco PRB50-IN, Filbur FC-2390 ==> Buy the Master Deluxe 4-pack and SAVE! Compare at $49 each.
Sale: $24.97 ea. Bulk: 4 for $106.97 ($26.95 ea.)

Unicel C-6430 – Pleatco PWK30, Filbur FC-3915 ==> Buy the original Filbur brand filter in singles
Sale: $30.28 ea.

Unicel C-8412– Pleatco PA120, Filbur FC-1293 ==> Buy the Master Deluxe 4-pack and SAVE! 
Sale:  $85.97 ea.  Bulk: 4 for $386.28 ($96.57 ea.)

Unicel C-9410 – Pleatco PAP100-4, Filbur FC-0686  ==> Buy the Master Deluxe 4-pack and SAVE! Compare at $92.65 ea. 
Sale: $71.97 ea. Bulk: 4 for $319.97 ($79.99 ea. and FREE Shipping anywhere in Canada)

Unicel 6CH-940 – Pleatco PWW50P3, Filbur FC-0359 ==> Buy the Master Deluxe Filter M60401 or M60401-4PK 4-pack and SAVE! Compare at $35 ea.
Sale: Bulk: 4 for $ 114.84 ($28.71  ea.)

 Email us for bulk purchasing discount links: info@spafilters.ca

 Providing an alternate filter for your spa while one is being cleaned in an overnight cleaning solution (recommended every 2 months or so to prolong the life of the filter media and open up clogged pores), your spa will not be left without a filter in it to avoid larger items from getting caught in the pump and possibley causing expensive repair bills.

When ordering in quantity, you save more money AND you may qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Ordering in bulk may put you over the minimum order amount to receive free shipping which is often just $150 or $200.  Even if you don’t qualify for free shipping because your particular filters are smaller = lower in cost, it still costs less to ship 4 filters at the same time (per filter) than shipping 4 filters individually , so you still save on shipping by buying them together.

Spa Filters Canada aims to provide the largest selection of spa filters in Canada – finding you the best deal on hot tub filters shipped directly to you.

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