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The Spa Cover Cap protects your hot tub cover from winter elements and summer sun.

It’s too early to think about winter!!!

Winter Hot Tub FunBut having the right supplies on hand will make the fall and eventual winter in your hot tub more enjoyable.

Hot tub covers should always be in place when the spa is not in use for best energy savings.  The hot tub cover is the single most important factor in keeping the heat which wants to rise, inside the spa. 

The less heat that escapes out the top, the more energy cost savings can be enjoyed.  That’s where the natural hot springs have it great. They just keep producing free hot water without needing a cover at all!

For the rest of us, be sure the cover is in good condition without any major indentations where melting ice and snow could accumulate causing an even bigger indentation. 

Dry Out Water-Logged Spa Covers Before the Winter

Make sure the cover is not water-logged, because if it is try to dry it out by removing the inserts before harsh weather sets in.  While drying the inserts out, identify the tear or tears in the plastic lining around the foam core inserts that may be allowing water inside the inner core and try to patch or seal them up. 

Cover Caps

Hot Tub Cover Cap protects the spa cover from damage and saves energy.So what is a cover cap?  In the old days, one of those ugly blue tarps could be put over the hot tub cover to provide an additional layer of protection from melting ice and snow.  Inevitably the hot tub cover has a few small gaps around the sides, especially in the crease area into which melting ice and snow can drip. 

If the hot tub has been winterized (drained) then it is important to avoid any water at all from getting underneath the cover and into the empty spa. 

It is a best practice to leave the spa full over the winter, even if the temperature is reduced during non-use. But it is also fun to enjoy the spa when the snow is falling, after all that is the same great feeling we get at a ski resort after a good day of snowboarding or skiing.

The cover cap is a cover for your cover.  The cap protects the spa cover and further helps to reduce energy use.  It also resists UV damage to the spa cover.  The cover cap is designed to protect your cover during the harsh winter months as well as the blazing hot summer months.  This type of cover cap also helps retain heat loss out the crease area around the fold of the cover.

Path to the hot tub in winterProtect your hot tub and hot tub cover from dirt, dust, rain, melting ice and snow with a cover cap.  This item is not designed to replace a hot tub cover, but it is a great additional layer of protection.  The cover cap is a lot less expensive than replacing the whole spa cover.

Or you can just use an unsightly tarp!  These cover caps are easy to put over the existing cover.  Protects the hot tub cover from sunlight and the harsh winter elements.  Helps spa cover lasts longer and be more energy efficient.

The cover cap is made from woven polyethylene and weighs only about 4 lbs.  The material is extremely strong and durable and protects the cover from ice, snow, sleet, rain, harsh sunlight and even dirt, debris and tree sap.

It features an elastic hem so it will fit over the existing cover with ease.    The Cover Cap is complete with nylon loops sewn into the hem and rope to secure it for the winter.

Maintain a path to the hot tub in the winter so you can jump in anytime the mood strikes without heading for the snow shovel.  It is usually better when the spa is positioned near the house so there is a shorter path. That encourages more frequent use – which is fun in the winter.

For spas that remain open all winter, get the cover cap with the shorter skirt length. For those that shut down over the winter, get the cover cap version that has the longer skirt.

Cover Cap Sizes

Cover caps come in two main sizes and two different lengths.  7×7 or 8×8.

 Then decide if you will be leaving the spa in operation all winter, or draining and winterizing it.  If leaving it in operation (recommended), then get the 12″ skirt length which is the flap around the edges of the cover. This type has the elastic sewn right into the hem.

If covering the spa for the winter and it is empty, then get the longer 38″ skirt for longer side protection to help assure no water or moisture gets under the main cover and creates a freezing condition in the spa, jets or plumbing.  The 38″ skirt is long enough to cover the sides of the spa cabinet as well for winter storage.

This winter, protect your hot tub cover and spa with a cover cap from Canada’s The Hot Tub Superstore.

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