Replacement Filters That Fit Arctic Spas In Canada – Pleatco, Unicel, Master Filter Brands

Arctic Spas hot tub needs a new replacement filter.Arctic Spas are made by Blue Falls Manufacturing in Alberta, Canada.   They are sold in several different lines including Coyote Spas, Arctic Spas and OEM brands.

Find a filter replacement that will fit your Arctic Ocean, Beauport, Hudson, Kingfisher, Wolverine, Cub, Fox, Frontier, Glacier, Klondiker, Norwegian, Summit or Juneau hot tub made by Arctic Spas. They should be replaced every year or so depending on use.  Some spas have dual filter chambers.

Popular replacement filter models that fit Arctic Spas hot tubs include:

  • 10 sq.ft. filter: Unicel C-4310, Pleatco PWW10 compatible cartridge filter
  • 25 sq.ft. filter: Unicel C-4326, Pleatco PRB25-IN compatible filter
  • 50 sq.ft. filter: Unicel C-4950, Pleatco PRB50-IN or Filbur FC-2390 compatible cartridge filter – one of the most popular filter types online
  • Main Arctic Spas filter type used in many Arctic spas made after 2009.

Arctic Spa Hot TubHow to Drain Your Arctic Spa

Once the water starts to foam more often and adding chemicals does not seem to do the trick, it is best to just drain your Arctic Spas hot tub and refill.  This is typically done every 3 months or so depending on hot tub use.

Begin by shutting of your GFCI breaker or turning off your outdoor disconnect.  Most Artic Spas have the drain valve on the outside of one side of the cabinet.  Just attach a garden hose and allow the gravity drain to drain the hot tub.

On some models, the valve is no longer on the outside panel and you will need to open the access panel to find the drain valve.  Once you locate the valve and have hooked up a garden hose to it, open the valve and the water will begin to drain out by gravity.  Don’t forget to close the drain valve once you are done when using this method to drain your spa.

For a faster way of draining your spa, you may want to use a submersible pump – available online or at most hardware stores.  This should speed up the draining of your spa vs. waiting hours for the water to drain out by gravity.

Refill the spa with fresh water before powering the spa back up. Fill to the manufacturer suggested fill line or location to be sure the spa has enough water in it.

Arctic Spas control panel

Blue Falls hot tub manufacturing suggests rinsing out cartridge filters once a week and also cleaning the filters with a spray on filter cleaner or overnight filter bath every 3 months (although others recommend this every 1-2 months depending on use).

This deeper filter cleaning can help unclog filter pores for optimum filtration.  Without cleaning filters, water flow may become restricted causing pumps to work harder, run hotter and use more electricity.  The manufacturer recommends maintaining a clean and unobstructed filter system.

Filter Cartridge Replacement

Note: Replace your Arctic Spas’ filter every year or so depending on use.  Some filter resellers suggest you change them every few months!  Don’t fall for that bit, even the hot tub manufacturers agree that a cartridge filter will last about a year in most hot tub brands.  There is no reason why you should throw away 4x your money.  It is not hard to rinse off the filter with a garden hose and reuse.  The deep cleaning in an overnight filter bath every few months (instead of throwing the filter away) is more than adequate to keep the filter pores clean. As an alternative to an overnight filter bath, simply buy the filter spray and spray off the filter pleats, hose it off and it is ready for use again.

When replacing a spa filter, be sure it cannot turn on – so either shut the power off or at least put the spa in Standby mode using the on/off button on the topside control panel.

Then take out the telescoping filter cylinder and unscrew the threaded filter.  Reusable filters can be cleaned vs. disposable filters that need to be discarded.

Coyote Spas Filter Add the new filter and screw it back onto the threaded connection if provided and replace the filter cylider/cover.

That is all there is to replacing filter cartridges in your Arctic Spas hot tub.  We offer the generic filter types and also filters made by top hot tub filter manufacturers such as Pleatco and Filbur.

(Note, none of these filters are made by Arctic Spas, but are made for use in Arctic and other brand hot tub models as listed in the various filter manufacturer catalogs.)

Don’t know your filter model number?  Find the filter by measuring your existing one.

Coyote Spas

Arctic’s Coyote Spas line uses a few different types of filters.  Coyote spas use a vane type filter canister similar to what is pictured on the right.  Twist left to remove top and access the cartridge filter inside.

Blue Falls Hot Tub Manufacturing spas also use the PRB25-IN 5 inch diameter filter and the PWW10 4 1/2 inch diameter filter types.