Filter Cleaning Accessories for Hot Tubs

Filter cleaning accessories available for hot tub owners include the Filter Flosser, filter spray, filter overnight soak and replacement cartridges as well as other filter cleaning methods and devices.

Keeping the hot tub filter clean is important. The simplest way to clean it regularly is with a garden hose. Be sure to get in between the pleats but don’t use a pressure washer which may damage the filter media. 

Hosing off the filter every couple of weeks is the minimum filter maintenance.  However, using a garden hose alone will not attack stubborn oils, lotions and finer particulates that begin to clog up the filter pores.  To deep clean the filter every month or two, use either a spray-on filter cartridge cleaner or an overnight filter bath.  During the deep cleaning it is handy to have a clean filter on hand that can be used in the spa in the mean time, as hot tubs should never be operated without a good filter installed.

Filter Flosser Hot Tub Cartridge CleanerFilter Cleaning Accessories

The Filter Flosser is an attachment piece that fits on a standard garden hose to create a wider spray, ideal for most cartridge filter sizes.  This allows for better cleaning and takes less time than trying to manually use your thumb to adjust the water pressure. 

Filter Flosser uses a huge surface cleaning area for about 50% less time, labor and even less water.  This Mikise FFT Filter Flosser Tool Cartridge Cleaning Tool
filter cleaning  tool is available online at deeply discounted pricing and ships anywhere in Canada.


Filter Flosser is a hose attachment for cleaning hot tub filters.

Cartridge Filter Overnight Soaking Cleaner

The overnight filter soak is available for shipment anywhere in Canada.  Keep filters clean and filter pores unblocked by soaking them overnight in an acid filter bath (usually with a diluted solution of muriatic acid).

In any case, deep cleaning your cartridge filter will preserve it so it performs well the entire year.