State of the Spa Industry Supply Chain

Well, here we are over 2 years after the beginning of the pandemic and the supply chain is still strained across the Pool and Spa industry.

Major suppliers like Balboa, Waterway, Hydroquip and others are still having issues getting product to market.  And how about those E14 circ pumps from Laing that have been elusive for months.  The problem is not just a Pool and Spa industry issue, but widespread across many.

Still one would wonder why, with so many orders in place the manufacturers cannot seem to catch up. Sure shipping costs have increased along with soaring fuel prices, and raw materials are also still a challenge as well as labor to produce and ship the goods.  Hopefully we will once again be able to get most items needed to support spa owners without worrying about shortages.  

Some parts houses are having to take on increased inventory, not knowing when the next shipments may be available from the manufacturers and it seems this will continue to go on through the beginning of 2023.  With pending predictions of a slow down, perhaps the supply/demand will moderate in the coming months.

Backorders trickle in from major suppliers in tiny boxes, it is quite a state still and just amazing how long this has persisted.

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Here is to a better supply chain heading into the New Year!

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