Tips to Caring For Your Hot Tub With Spa Cartiridge Filters

Filter Cartridge Removal

Maintaining Your Spa’s Filters

If you own a hot tub, then you are most likely aware of the amount of care and maintenance required on all the spa’s features as well as the tub water. In order to get the most out of your hot tub and maintain its integrity for the long haul, you’ll want to make sure to regularly maintain all the features and water cleanliness.

In order to have clean, bacteria-free water, you’ll need to have a top quality filter to help rid the water of any dirt and debris that easily infests spa tub water. In order for your spa cartridge filters to work properly, they need to be cared for. Here are some things that should be part of your spa cartridge filter care routine to extend the life of your filter and keep you tub water safe:

Rotate the Cartridge Once a Month – This frequency can be altered somewhat depending on the bather load of your tub, but generally speaking, about once a month is a healthy frequency to rotate the cartridge. You can also do this more frequently if  for pressure filters if the pressure gauge reaches about 10 pounds over the normal operating pressure.  For non-pressurized spa filters (most of them), hosing the filter off every couple of weeks is strongly recommended along with a more thorough filter spray or bath every 1-2 months.  Rotating filters will help to boost the life of the filter cartridge as one is being cleaned while the other takes over filtration duty so you don’t have to worry about the spa being operated without a filter (which could cause alot of damage to pump impellers, seals and other spa components if larger particles or items were allowed to enter the plumbing lines).

Rinse the Cartridge to Remove Debris – Sometimes large debris and matter will get into your tub’s water and get stuck at the filter. Since these objects are too large to fit through the mesh of the filter, they will need to be manually removed by gently rinsing the cartridge occasionally.  Read more about how to clean hot tub filters and the Filter Flosser attachment.  Note that rinsing off the filter is more for getting rid of the larger and non-microscopic particles or oils and lotions. For more thorough pleat cleaning, an overnight filter bath or spray is recommended.

Clean the Filter Regularly – Cleaning your filter should start with a thorough rinsing to get rid of any bulky dirt that may have gotten trapped. Then soak the filter overnight in a cleaning solution developed specifically for spa cartridge filters, which will help to remove grease and other hard-to-remove debris more easily. Keep extra filter cartridges on hand so you don’t have to shut the spa down in order to clean the cartridge. Make sure to let the cartridge dry completely before replacing it.   If you elect to use a filter spray instead, use gloves and protect your hands from any acid in the spray.

Read more tips and information about caring for your spa’s filter cartridge on our site, or  buy top quality bulk spa filters. Here you’ll find all the cartridges and filters your hot tub requires at discount prices. Know your filter model number? Enter it in the search box at the top of the page.




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