Where to Buy Hot Tub Filters Online in Canada

Filters online for your hot tub

Don’t pay retail price in Canada for replacement hot tub filters. Get the best deal online at SpaFilters.ca. Find cartridge filters for all major brands. Buy either a single filter, which should last you at least a year, or buy filters in bulk and save more.

Why it is good to buy at least 2 filters

Buying 2 filters means you will have a fresh filter in the spa and another on standby when the main spa filter needs to be cleaned.  Operating a spa without a filter is not a good idea and even voids the warranties of some spa manufacturers.  When there is no filter in the spa, particulates and other items can easily get inside the spa plumbing lines and even damage pumps and equipment.

Whether you want brand name Pleatco, Filbut, Unicel and other premium filter cartridges or just a cheap OEM generic filter cartridge, you can find them here at SpaFilters.ca

See our article on how to clean a hot tub filter for details on filter cleaning and maintenance. Looking after a hot tub and filter does not have to be cumbersome, but doing the right things are necessary to keep the equipment functioning optimally and also keep the bathers safe.

Unicel hot tub filters are a brand name cartridge filter maker. If you know your Unicel filter number, you can either find another Unicel filter or an equivalent filter replacement by checking out the filter cross reference chart.

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Hot tub spa replacement filters for Canadians.

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  1. Wayne Evans says:

    I need a price on # C 4332 filters please.

  2. Alice Stewart says:

    I need a filter #25351-800-000 for a QCA spa. The filter is 5 3/8 inches outside diameter, 10 inches long, hole 2 1/4 inch diameter. Do you have one that size?

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