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The Filbur FC-2390 filter is one of the most popular Filbur filters sold this month. This filter is a replacement cartridge for many popular hot tub brands as well as Rainbow/Pentair Dynamic 50 pool and spa filters. Filter and Master Deluxe brands both use the Reemay brand filter media. Some filter types that are branded as anti-microbial claim to prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the cartridge.

Microban or other type of anti-microbial material is used on all sorts of things such as spa acrylic, filters and other water related products. It is unclear to the author of this blog, that Microban or other anti-microbial products work underwater, as tests show they are effective in air, but not necessarily in water. If anyone has more info on this, please leave a comment below.

The FC-2390 and compatible filters measure 4-15/16 inches in diameter and 13-5/16-inches in length. This filter type has a center hole with inner diameter 2-1/8″. This filter type is a 50-square foot filter weighing 3-ounces. Replacement cross-reference filter models include Unicel, Pleatco, Master Deluxe and Aladdin filter cartridge models C-4950, PRB50 types, and 15002.

When in doubt it is better to measure the existing filter in the spa to assure you are getting the correct replacement cartridge.

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Hot tub spa replacement filters for Canadians.

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