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Dirty Clean Hot Tub Filter

Best Spa Filter

Anyone who owns a hot tub knows the importance of keeping the tub’s water sparkling clean and sanitized.

Dirty Clean Hot Tub FilterThere’s nothing less appealing than stepping into murky spa waters. Not only is it not enjoyable, but it’s unhealthy too. Spa water that has built up a level of bacteria, debris or algae can cause unsightly skin conditions that are highly uncomfortable.   While some spa water may have an unpleasant odour – a sure indication that your pH and chemical balances are off, not all bacteria causes odours.  It is important to use a spa test kit or test strips to check the water before you go in, and keep a regular maintenance routine.

Keep your water clean and sanitized by ensuring the spa filter is in good condition. This will mean that the filter will have to be replaced as needed in order for it to keep doing its job properly, and to relieve undue stress on the spa pump(s) and equipment that could be caused by a plugged or dirty filter.

A wise idea would be to have a few spare filters on hand to use whenever you need to replace the filter on your tub. You can also remove one filter, pop in a clean one, then soak the dirty one in a solution overnight, spraying it off with clean water in the morning to remove all remaining chemicals and debris, then letting it dry.   You don’t need to return to your spa retailer to pay high prices for a replacement filter.  You can save money at and have a filter ordered and shipped to your address in Canada immediately by one of our many suppliers!

Need a Good Spa Filter For your Hot Tub?

For the best spa filters at the lowest prices, look to Spa Filters Canada to make the process of finding your filter easy! Canadian customers  get great quality spa replacement filters for all makes and models at the best online prices.  When you are in need of a filter to get your tub’s water up to premium quality, order online and get your filter delivered to you quickly.

Forget about hopping from store to store, spending a great deal of time looking for the best spa filters for your tub. Instead, browse and shop online from the comfort of your home and let Canada Post or UPS bring the filter right to your door!

Spa Filters Canada provides an amazing selection of the best spa filters and spa filter cartridges for your hot tub. Finding the perfect spa filter for your hot tub is simple and painless. You can order most any premium filter brand, or discounted OEM filters for your spa. Make sure to order in bulk to get even greater savings! (Not all filters are available in bulk, but more are being added all the time).

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