Hot Tub Accessories

Hot Tub Steps and AccessoriesHot tub accessories can help you get more enjoyment out of your spa.

Hot tub fragrances are one of the most popular accessories that add aromatherapy to the spa experience.  Try spa salts by Waters Choice.

Spa steps will help you and your guests enter and exist the spa safely.

A cover lifter will help one person remove and replace the heavy spa cover without a problem.

Hot tub toys and games will make tubbing more fun.

Add on a towel holder, snack or drink tray, privacy screen, gazebo or other add-on to your hot tub experience.

Functional accessories include adding an ozonator for water purification, or converting to a salt system.  Add a radio, LED lighting and other options to upgrade the spa.

Some of the most popular hot tub accessories include a cover lifter, spa steps, ozonator, drink tray and booster seats.  The ozonator is best to have installed when you order the spa because a dedicated ozone jet is drilled into the actual spa shell as any jet would be.  The piping is then connected to the ozonator with a check valve in the line to avoid water backing up into the ozonator.  However, other items such as an LED light bulb are easier to exchange and upgrade.

Most Popular Hot Tub Accessory

The cover lifter would be one of the most popular hot tub accessories because it can be added to the spa at any time and it makes opening and closing the cover by one person much easier.

Cover lifters come in various types including cabinet mounted lifters and under-mount type lifters that do not screw directly to the spa cabinet, but have some type of plate that the spa stands on, or it is mounted to the bottom of the spa.  Another variation is how the cover is stored. Some store them completely up in the air next to the spa, which also can double as a privacy screen. But that also leaves a wet underside plastic cover near your head, so not the most optimal type unless you are mounting it inside a gazebo and need it to stand up.

Most cover lifters will have the cover going down next to one of the sides – either partially or completely.  My preference is for a lifter that gets the cover almost all the way down to the ground and out of the way.  Many of these types of cover lifters come with a cross bar that goes all the way across the middle of the spa cover.  The crossbar is especially important for larger spa covers in order to have added stability when opening and closing the cover with one hand.

Get a spa accessory and take the enjoyment of your hot tub to the next level.


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