Premium Leisure Hot Tub Filters Canada

Get discount spa filters online for your Premium Leisure hot tub in Canada.

Some popular filter types used in Premium Leisure spas include:

  • 35 sq. ft. filter PRB35‐IN, C‐4335, FC‐2385 measuring 9 1/4″ long x 5″ in diameter and center hole top and bottom measuring 2 1/8″ inner diameter.
  • 47 sq. ft. filter  PTL47W-P, 6CH-47 and FC-0315 measuring 8 1/2″ long x 6″ diameter with a top handle (no hole) and bottom threaded connector 1 1/2″ MPT.

Premium Leisure is an LLC that makes various hot tub lines including Sterling Leisure, Leisure’s Edge, Fitness Leisure and Go Spa among others.  The LE852,LE850 and other models may have more than one filter.  Some of these spas use threaded filter connectors that require turning the filter clockwise to install and turning filters counter-clockwise to unscrew from the base.  Be careful not to over-tighten filters that use threaded connectors.

Premium Leisure recommends filling the spa through the filter area only and not putting the hose in the main area of the spa when filling or re-filling spa.  This is in order to avoid any trapped air that could cause the pump to have problems priming.

If your spa water becomes foamy, one of the manufacturer’s suggestions is to clean or change the filters.  If there is low pressure or even no pressure at the jets, there could be an air lock or a dirty filter to check out.  Even if the water fails to heat properly, a dirty filter is listed as one of the possibilities that could cause this condition on a Premium Leisure hot tub, so it is best to maintain your filter cartridge and replace it annually or as needed.

Some Cal Spas filter models also use a similar filter assembly.