Master Deluxe Filter Cartridges

Master Deluxe filter cartridges in Canada are the best of both worlds. Quality filter media at affordable prices.  Pay far less than expensive brands and still get REEMAY quality paper media to assure optimum filtration without the high price tag.  Those looking for discount spa filters will be happy to know they can still buy quality at discount prices rather than cheap spa filters that are made from lower grade materials.

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Master Deluxe hot tub spa filters online.Master Deluxe Hot Tub Filters Canada

The Master Deluxe brand of spa filters was introduced to Canada to help Canadians become aware that they should change their filters every year.

This not only maintains the best water quality in the hot tub, but also protects equipment from costly repairs that can be caused by dirty water in the spa.

Monitor the Spa Chemicals with Test Strips

Avoid the scorn of visitors by maintaining your hot tub. It does not need to take alot of time, but there are a few things to be aware of including maintaining proper pH, sanitizer level and keeping the filter clean. 

Keep the Filter Clean

Rinse the filter off every few weeks and spray it with a more aggressive filter cleaner every month or so to keep the pores of the filter paper unclogged and working properly.  Clogged filters can also make the pumps run hotter, work harder and cost you more money in electricity.

Reemay is the Best Filter Paper

Master Deluxe filters are made with quality Reemay filter media but kept affordable to encourage filter changing annually for the best water quality.  You can also opt for a different, more expensive filter brand that also uses Reemay filter media, but having a filter that will last longer than a year just means you are putting that same filter that becomes less effective over time back into your spa.  Spend less and enjoy clean water without the worry.

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