How to Clean a Cartridge Filter

Clean hot tub filter

Cleaning a cartridge filter for a pool or spa is as easy as removing it from the filter housing and rinsing it off thoroughly with a hose.  Hose attachments are available to make the cleaning process easier.  We often get asked about how to clean a cartridge filter for hot tubs.  The easiest is to just hose it off, also getting in between the pleats. Here and there an overnight filter soak or spray on filter cleaner will unclog pores from stubborn oils and other fine particulates that will not rinse off with water.

Filter cleaner is also available in spray form or for more thorough cleaning, an overnight soak solution.

Need a good cartridge filter cleaner?   Try the overnight filter soak for a really good filter deep clean.

Why Keep Spa Filters Clean?

Hot tub filters have pores in the filter paper or filter media that are big enough for water to pass through but small enough so that particles get trapped in the filter pleats.  After awhile, filter pleats can become clogged with oils and debris, so rinsing off the filter regularly insures that the filter can do its job more effectively and efficiently.

Another byproduct of poor filter maintenance is that pressure can build up if the filter is clogged, making the pump work harder. That can cost electricity or even pump failure.  Most hot tubs have a bypass system in place so that if the filter is completely clogged, a secondary path of water circulation goes around the filter and back into the spa.  At that point you are just circulating unfiltered water back into the spa.

It does not take much time to get the filter out and rinse it off with a hose, but the effort pays dividends in better hot tub performance.

The Aqua Comb is a hose attachment that helps you get in between the pleats for a better rinse off.

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