Filbur Hot Tub Filters

Filbur is another quality manufacturer of hot tub cartridge filters.

Buy Filbur brand spa filters in Canada. Type in your Filbur filter number and find the Filbur brand filter, a suitable replacement filter or both to compare!

Quality filter manufacturers use quality filter paper (media), quality end cap material and other quality components that go into making a great filter.  Filbur uses break-resistant bands as well as reinforced antimicrobial end caps where you will find a Filbur number stamped into it to locate an easy replacement of either Filbur brand or OEM cartridge filters.

Find your FILBUR brand hot tub filter by typing the filter model number in the search box above, or download our handy (pdf) Filbur catalogue.. Simply click on any model number in the pdf and go to the Filbur filter you need. This is for Filbur filters between 6-10 inches in diameter.

Filbur Hot Tub Filters in Canada

Other benefits of using either Filbur or similar cartridge filters is that they use quality Reemay filter media to assure optimum filtration and performance.  This filter paper is made from genuine Reemay spunbonded polyester which helps the filter last longer than cheaper paper materials.

Pleated water filter cartridges should be strong to last long and have great filter media (paper) to allow for reliability and maximum water flow. Note that Filbur also manufacturers pool and spa cartridge filters for generic filter branding and OEMs.

You can also buy a cartridge filter cleaner that works on D.E. filters as well.  The spray on or overnight soaking solution type cartridge filter cleaner does away with mineral deposits, dirt, grime, oils and even calcium buildup in the filter pleats.  Just spray and rinse, so it saves time with filter cleaning which should be done regularly to keep the filter media working properly.

Cleaning a cartridge filter restores the filters efficiency by maintaining optimum flow rate without slowing the water flow down as may occur with a clogged, uncleaned filter.   Filbur Manufacturing is located in Buena Park, California and Reemay is a registered trademark of Fiberweb.

 We have recently added the Filbur brand FC-0303 that is fitted in many L.A. Spas as well as Advanced and other brands.

Another popular Filbur Filter model is FC-0420, a 7″ diameter filter that is 8″ long for use in Gulf Coast and other brand spas.

Type the Filbur part number you need in the search box above, or email us at for assistance.

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