Hot Tub Filter Basket Assembly

Filter basket hot tub

Many hot tubs have a skimmer basket or filter basket to collect debris, leaves and larger particles before the water gets into the filter compartment. Similar to a pool skimmer, this basket should be emptied out whenever you clean the filter.

 If the filter basket assembly is full of leaves in the fall, it can cause the pump to strain and even damage equipment. Most hot tubs are not situated right under trees, and most hot tubs are also covered with a hard cover when not in use, but it still pays to be aware of the role of the skimmer basket as part of the hot tub filtration equipment.

 In case you lose or damage your filter basket, it is important to replace it so that the larger particulates and leaves do not end up clogging your filter or equipment.

Hot tub filter basket assemblies are made by Waterway, Pentair, Rainbow and other brands and manufacturers.


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