Elite Spas Filters – Maax Hot Tub Filter

Elite Spas FilterMaax started out in 1987 and entered the spa business in 1997 with the acquisition of Coleman Spas and Savannah Spa Mfg.  Elite Spas were concentrated in Quebec. Popular filters that fit some of these models including the Fontaine, ESX, ESR, 3000, 4000 and 5000 series models include:

25 sq. ft. filter  compatible with PRB25-IN, C-4326 and FC-2375 measuring 13 5/16″ long x 5″ diameter with top and bottom holes at 2 1/8″ inner diameter.

50 sq. ft.  filter compatible with PRB50-IN, C-4950 and FC-2390 measures 13 5/16″ long x 5″ diameter and top/bottom hole diameter 2 1/8:

These two filter types are the same size, but the 50 sq. ft. filter has twice as many pleats and twice as much filter media, so does a better filtration job than the 25 sq. ft. one, but both work just fine.

Another filter type used in Elite Spas is  a 35 sq. ft. filter which is the equivalent of Unicel 5CH-35, Filbur FC-0300 or Pleatco PMAX50P4 at 8 1/2″ long x 5 3/4″ diameter with top handle and bottom threaded connector type 1 1/2″ MPT.

The cartridge filter on most of these models is found behind the skimmer inside the filter canister. The manufacturer recommends monthly cleaning and inspection, although if the spa is used frequently, it is best to maintain the filter every 2 weeks or so. Sometimes 2 filters are used in 1 Elite Spas model so there is a “First Filter” and also another filter which is placed on top of the skimmer basket and pressed into place.  The manufacturer recommends deep cleaning the cartridge at least once every 90 days.

In order to remove the filter for cleaning according to the manufacturer, first shut off the pump and remove the skimmer lid. Also remove the strainer basket to get at the filter inside the filter canister.  Simply grasp the top of the filter and lift upwards.  Again, the pump should not be running during this, but there is no need to drain the spa.

On these type of spas there is a weir door which can block access to the filter canister when the spa is empty. In that case, you have to manually hold the weir door out of the way to get at the filter or when replacing the filter. It is easier to replace the filter when the spa is full  of water (but with the pump or power off) as the weir door is held open by the water.

Maax recommends replacing your cartridge filter every year for best filtration performance.

Many Maax/Elite Spas use Balboa electronics such as M7 Powerworks type spa packs.  If an error message related to FLO is encountered, a clogged filter may also contribute to this and other problems, so it is best to keep your filter maintained for optimum performance.