Crystal Waters Hot Tub Filters Canada

Crystal Waters Spas are a British Columbia manufacturer of hot tubs.

The most popular Crystal Waters Spa filters are:


Crystal Water Hot TubThe Crystal Waters spa guide suggests that the dead air space style of spa is better than fully foamed spas.  For replacing a hot tub filter, you don’t need to access anything inside the spa cabinet as filter access is from the top.

According to Crystal Waters Spas,  ” A spas filter size is usually given in square feet (example: 125 square feet). As a general rule, bigger is better when it comes to filters. If the filter is too small for the volume of water, you will have to drain and clean the spa much more frequently. Most spas use a fiber cartridge filter system to filter and clean the water. Well designed spas use a system that is easily accessible and doesn’t require turning off or pressuring down your spa. A weir filter system allows the spa owner to take apart the filter with very little fuss, making regular cleaning and clean water a breeze, not a chore.”.   

Crystal Waters Hot Tub CanadaIt is still recommended to make sure the pump does not turn on either by powering the spa off or setting the temperature lower (and also making sure you are not near a filter start time) to avoid unpleasant suction on the filter as you try to remove it.

Enjoy your Crystal Waters Hot Tub made in British Columbia.