Canada and the US Northeast Extend Winter

Hot Tub Winter Water Change

It is almost April, but you wouldn’t know it by looking outside if you live in many parts of Canada or the Northeastern United States.  Temperatures are still well below seasonal with snow on the ground in many places.  Since the temperatures are still below freezing during the day, the snow and ice packs have a hard time melting off.  Spring surely is around the corner though. 

For hot tub owners, the winter season has been very long.  Chances are you have gone over the 3 month suggested water change because it has been freezing, unless you got lucky during those few days of positive temperatures a few weeks back.  In any case, the first order of spring cleaning for hot tub owners who have not yet changed out the water is to drain and refill as soon as weather permits. 

Sure, this can also be done during freezing temperatures but usually involves having to open any exterior hose valves that were shutoff for the winter (and remembering to shut them off again as long as minus temps persist).  After you get the water flowing, hopefully the hose was stored indoors or it may be frozen and not allow much water to pass in order to refill the spa. That is why the best time to change the water is probably going to be sometime next week during the first few days of positive temps.

To drain the spa, some spas have a hose bib where you attach a garden hose and let gravity do its work.  For faster draining, use a utility pump (submersible pump) and you will be up and running in no time.  Be sure to maintain bromine or chlorine levels and check pH.  This is the perfect time to either clean the hot tub filter or find a replacement hot tub filter online.

Enjoy the spring season in your hot tub!

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