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spafilterscaThe filter in your hot tub performs a very important duty to defend against dirt and debris as well as bacteria and other contaminants that can infest the bubbling waters of your spa.

The filter captures particulates in the fibers of the multi-layered filter fabric.  The lifespan of a spa filter is about one year depending on how well the water is maintained and how often the tub is used. 

Using a good quality replacement spa filter is your best option to keep the water of your spa sparkling clean.

Popular filter brands include Pleatco, Unicel, and Filbur.  Many of these top filter brands use Reemay brand filter paper or filter media as their pleated filtration paper of choice.

The filter media is a rigid paper-like spun polyester fabric that has pores sufficiently small to trap contaminants.

Spa filters should be taken out and hosed down every 7-10 days, or soaked in a cleaning solution overnight at least once a month. Not only will these filters capture easy-to-see particles, but they also capture oils, grease and lotions to rid them from your tub’s water to give you the healthiest and clearest water possible.

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of filters on hand to alternate between cleaning.  Instead of waiting until the filter is on its last leg before ordering a new one, it is suggested by most manufacturers to replace the cartridge annually.  Consider buying a few at a time so that you can quickly and easily change the filter as needed and save on shipping too.

Spa Filters Canada is a premium supplier of filters for hot tubs, including Sundance replacement spa filters.  They have a wide selection of the best name brands filters that will keep your water clean and clear at factory direct prices. Visit their online showroom at, and shop in bulk to save even more!  Your replacement hot tub filters will be shipped directly to your Canadian address.


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Hot tub spa replacement filters for Canadians.

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