My Hot Tub Keeps Foaming Up – Spa Water Foaming Problem

Foamy hot tub water

Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, but sometimes they can get a little frustrating too.  Maintaining spa water quality is top of the list when it comes to hot tub headaches.

One problem that can occur is that the hot tub frequently starts foaming and keeps foaming up during your entire soaking session.  Although it may seem like the solution is to change the water, sometimes this can occur right after the water was changed.  A product is sold called Foam Down or Foam Away which is a liquid that reduces the foam bubbles when added to the water. But this is temporary relief at best. 

 Some good advice includes cleaning off bathing suits prior to getting into the spa, avoiding lotions, makeup and other beauty products which can get into the spa water and clog up the filter.  

Another good tip is to keep an eye on the pH level to assure it remains between 7.2-7.6.  High pH can also cause foaming problems.   Most of the time, the foaming problem is due to shampoos, soaps and lotions carried into the water by bathers.  Rinsing off before getting into the hot tub can help alleviate this issue.

Rinse the filter off with a hose every couple of weeks and clean it more often if there is a foam issue.

Enjoy your hot tub!

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