Gatsby Spas Filters Canada

Gatsby has had a bumpy existence and there have been several related spa brands including Blue Ridge, Imperial and Swift River. These spas were sold through large retailers until Jacuzzi (who has been on a buying spree, buying up hot tub manufacturers such as Sundance Spas and most recently Dimension One) bought Gatsby Spas only to shut it down.

Popular cartridge filter models that fit certain Gatsby Spas include both screw-in types and a larger filter M40506 measuring 13 5/16″ long that is open on both ends with outer diameter 5″ along with top and bottom holes measuring 2 1/8″ inner diameter and compatible with C-4950, PRB50-IN and FC-2390.

The screw-in/threaded connector type filters used in these spas include:

The compatible filter M40191 with 4CH-24, PGS25P4 and FC-0131 that has a top handle and bottom threaded connector (1 1/2″ Male Pipe Thread MPT).

The C-5601, PJW23 and FC-1330 measuring 10 3/8″ long with 5 11/16″ outer diameter, closed top with a string loop and an open bottom with a 2 1/8″ hole.

The compatible filter M60471 with 6CH-47, PTL47W-P and FC-0315 measuring 8 1/2″ long and 6″ in outer diameter with top handle and bottom 1 1/2″ MPT threaded connector.

 A popular filter model is C-5601 compatible filter which measures  5-11/16″ dia. x 10-3/8″  long and has 2-1/8″ hole. 
We do not currently source the C-5601, but you can find one here: