Hot Tub Chemicals Guide to Clean Spa Water

Taking care of a hot tub should not be a burdon, because after all you bought the hot tub for unwinding and relaxing.  A few simple steps can mean the difference between enjoying your spa, or not wanting to use it because the water is not clean.  Find hot tub chemicals online here.

Keep Spa Water Clean for Months

1)  Test water for sanitizer – chlorine or bromine are the most popular hot tub chemicals used to sanitize the water and keep bacteria in check

2) Test the pH level of the water – pH should be between 7.2-7.6. If it falls below this range, the water is too acidic and needs pH+ to restore it to the acceptable range. If the water is above this range, it is too alkaline and may cause scale formation in the water and pipes.

3) Shock water once a week with a non-chlorine shock treatment like potassium monopersulfate product.

4) Rinse off filter every 2 weeks and replace spa filter every year.

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