Clearwater Spas Filter Canada

Buy a hot tub filter for your Clearwater Spa (made in Woodinville, Washington).

Popular filter equivalent types used in Clearwater Spas include:

The manufacturer recommends filling the spa through the filter housing so that the creation of air pillows or pockets is avoided on start up.

The error message rCL that may appear on the topside control means to remove, clean and reinstall the cartridge filter.

The error message rCH appears on the control panel once a year to remind spa owners to install a brand new filter.  So Clearwater Spas recommends replacing the cartridge filter(s) annually.

Not sure what filter model you have? Measure your existing filter and note if the top and bottom end caps have handles, threaded connections or just center holes.  If there are center holes, measure the diameter of them as well (inner diameter). Then shop filters by dimension.