Canadian Spa Company Filters

Canadian Spa Company hot tubs are sold throughout Canada.  Replace your Yukon, Quebec, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Victoria, Vancouver, Halifax, Alberta or Niagara hot tub filter with a quality replacement cartridge made from original Reemay filter material.

Popular replacement filters that fit Canadian Spa Co. hot tubs include:

40-50 sq.ft. cartridge filter with SAE threaded connector. Measurements 6″ diameter with 7 5/8″ length and 1 1/2″ SAE threaded connector (coarse threads). The top has a handle.  This filter is equivalent to PWW50P3, 6CH-940 and FC-0359.

Pair of 35 sq. ft. filters for  slip fitting instead of SAE connector. This pair of 35 sq. ft. filters has 2 1/8″ diameter holes top and bottom , 5″ outer diameter and 4 5/8″ length, and is equivalent to PRB17.5SF-PAIR or C-4401.

50 sq. ft. filter  with slip connection. Filter size is 5″ diameter and 13 5/16″ tall.  This filter has 2 1/8″ hole top and bottom and is replaced with model C-4950,FC-2390, or PRB50-IN

There are also those little filters in the Muskoka portable Canadian Spa tubs, so let us know how we can help you find the right filter for your Canadian Spa.

Canadian Spa Co. also may recommend a set of 2 pre-filters.  We also offer swim spa filters, so if you don’t see the filter you need, send us a picture of it or email us the dimensions and we will send you a link to order at the best prices online.

You don’t have to use microban, although we also offer microban filters at higher prices than non-microban. You can’t go wrong with any of these brand name filters as they should be replaced every year to year and a half anyways.  As long as you buy a filter that uses quality filber fabric such as Reemay brand filter paper, the filtration will be optimal and you will save money by comparing filter prices. 

Clean your filter regularly and replace it annually for best results.

Need Waterway Viper or standard pump replacement? Let us know what pump you are looking for and we can supply you with brand name Waterway spa pumps as well for your Canadian Spa.