Walmart Spa Filters Canada Type 1 Compatible Cartridge

If you are going to be spending a few hours at Walmart anyway, then you could check to see if they have the filter you need, but chances are they don’t (if you can find the filters in that very large store).  The Walmart Type 1 filter is compatible with Unicel C-4313, Filbur FC-3753 and Pleatco PBW4PAIR and is packaged as a pair of small 6 square feet filter cartridges.

Walmart Hot Tub Filters OnlineType 1 Filter
Dimensions of Type 1 (C-4313 compatible) spa filter found at Walmart are:

  • Length: 3 3/4″
  • Outer Diameter 4 1/4″
  • Top and bottom hole (inner diameter) is 2 1/16″

Contact us at for pricing on an alternative cartridge to this Walmart stocked Type 1 filter.

Type D Filter
There are also other filters at Walmart such as the Type D that measures 12 3/16″ in length and 5  7/8″ outer diameter with 1 7/8″ inner hole diameter. This Type D filter is compatible with Unicel C-5330 type filters.

Type B Filter
The type B filter (59901W) measures 10″ in length and 5 3/4″ outer diameter with a 1 7/8″ inner hole diameter and is compatible with Unicel C-5315 type filters.

Wal Mart Hot Tubs

Like other big box stores, Wal Mart does not make their own hot tubs, but buys them from suppliers.  Some brands sold through Walmart include Coleman, Bestway, Lifesmart, Jilong, AquaRest Spas and Intex. Walmart hot tub filters are not always easy to find in the store, if you happen to be going there, but you can always get replacement filters for most spas sold through Walmart.

You can get replacement filter cartridges for almost any of these spas such as the popular DreamMaker/AquaRest replacement cartridge that is 8 1.4 inches long and 6 inches in diameter with a top handle and 1 7/8″ bottom hole. (model 403575 Pleatco type PDM25P4)