Hot Tub Water Treatment

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Hot tub water treatment not only refers to spa chemicals, but also to water treatment devices such as ozonators and salt water systems for spas.

New enzyme treatments are available that can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine necessary to keep the water sanitized.

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When using any type of spa fragrances for aromatherapy, only buy approved liquids and crystals that are made for use in hot tubs to avoid excess foaming or other incompatibilities.

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Best Hot Tub Water Treatment

What makes the best hot tub water treatment can be a matter of debate, and depending on what locale or even country you live in, there are some things that work in one place that don’t necessarily work in another.  For instance in many parts of the U.S., it is now ok to use alternative water treatments in the place of chlorine or bromine, but not so in Canada. 

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Health Canada is still testing alternative treatments in a rather lengthy process, all for the good of the consumer to be sure.  Even so, it is possible to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine sanitizer used in the spa water and augment it with other treatments such as ozonator or even mineral and enzyme treatments. 

This leaves less chemical residue, less smell and a better spa experience, while still providing the token amount of chlorine necessary to abide by Health Canada’s current stance that either bromine or chlorine is to be used in the water of a spa. 

New Hot Tub Water Treatment

A newer hot tub water treatment regime that includes the use of minerals and/or enzymes that you can use to minimize the use of smelly chlorine or bromine are now available.


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