Filbur FC-3915 Replacement Spa Filter for C-6430 PWK30

Filbur FC-3915 is a Filbur brand replacement spa filter for Unicel C-6430 and Pleatco PWK30 type filters.

This 30 sq. ft. filter cartridge lists for $38.15 in Canada but is on sale here.  The FC-3915 is also available in money saving multi-packs.


  • Length: 10 1/2″
  • Diameter: 6″
  • Top Hole (open) 1 5/8″
  • Bottom Hole (open with slots) 1 9/10″

This is a Filbur brand filter FC-3915 and also replaces Aladdin 13004.  This filter is used in Hot Springs Spas (31489) and other brand hot tubs.

This Filbur FC-3915 30 square foot filter is made from quality filter fabric.

See all the current compatible filter options for C6439, FC3915,Watkins 31489 and PWK30 at Amazon Canada.

Some Hot Springs spas use 3 of these in the filter compartment.

 jetsetterfiltercomprMany Hot Springs Spas models use this type of filter.  Some existing filters may have the number 31489 stamped on one end of the filter.

Jetsetter models known to use this filter include 1997-2012

Replaces Unicel: C-6430, C6430, Pleatco PWK30 and Filbur: FC-3915.

Hot Springs spa Jetsetter filter compartment