Filbur FC-3059 75 sq ft Filter Replaces Unicel C-7367 Pleatco PDO75-2000 1561-00

This 75 square foot Filbur brand filter FC-3059 replaces popular hot tub filters such as Unicel C-7367 and Pleatco PDO75-2000. It also replaces OEM part number 1561-00 as used by Dimension One and other hot tub companies.


  • Length: 10 1/2″
  • Diameter: 7 1/8″
  • Bottom Hole: Open bottom 2.0″ inner diameter
  • Top: Closed with twist lock, ‘crown’ top

Size: 75 sq. ft. filter

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Filbur brand filters use reinforced antimicrobial end caps with embossed numbers and also have reinforced extruded PVC center cores for extra stability.   This filter has a molded cap so no adapters are needed.  Reemay filter media is used in Filbur filters and in Master Deluxe filters.  Filbur claims to be the #1 manufacturer of OEM filters for hot tub spas.

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