Dream Maker Spa Filters Canada

Buy replacement cartridge filters for your Dream Maker spa in Canada.

Popular Dream Maker hot tub filters:

25 sq. ft. filter M40191 replaces PDM25P4, 4CH-24 and FC-0136 and measures 8 1/16″ long x 4 3/4″ outer diameter with a top handle and bottom 1 1/2″ MPT threaded connection.

Other popular filters include PDM28 and PDM30 oval.

Dream Maker spas made by Leisure Bay Industries made roto-molded hot tubs. They had then gone out of business, but an offshore company had taken over production. Sunrise Leisure Group (SLB) acquired the brand in 2011. Spare filters are available online at deep discounts.

The Dream Maker X-100 and other DreamMaker spas did not have actual heaters, but just relied on heat from the pump to warm the spa water.  This type of friction heating takes longer than with a standard heater and your spa will be circulating water much longer as well.  Therefore, you need to check on the filter cartridge more often and clean it regularly.

In the States, get original DreamMaker spa parts online.