Caldera Spa Filters Canada

Caldera Spas uses a wide variety of cartridge filters in their hot tubs. A major change was implemented in the filtration system at the end of 2002 so when sourcing Caldera filters, be sure to order the right filter for your spa model and year.

Some of the most popular compatible filter models include:

35 sq. ft. filter (for newer Aventine models)

50 sq. ft. filter with top handle (fits some Martinique and Kauai models pre-2003) C-7451, PCD50, FC-3084 – Dimensions: 10 3/4″ L  x 7″ Diameter male slip fitting bottom
50 sq. ft. filter with top handle (fits other Martinique and Kauai models 2003-current) C-7350, PCD50N, FC-3963 – Dimensions: 10 3/4″ L  x 7″ Diameter open bottom

Popular replacement FC-3963 Caldera spa filter on Amazon Canada.

65 sq. ft. filter

75 sq. ft. filter (pre-2003)
75 sq. ft. filter (2003-current)

100 sq. ft. filter Utopia (2005+)
100 sq. ft. filter Cantabria (2009+)

Contact us for replacement Caldera Spa filters in Canada supplied by Unicel, Pleatco, Filbur or Master Deluxe filter brands.