C-7626 PA25-4 FC-1230 Spa Filter Canada M70251

25 sq. ft. replacement spa cartridge filter replaces the following hot tub filter models in Canada:

  • Unicel C-7626
  • Pleatco PA25-4
  • Filbur FC-1230
  • M70251
  • Find this filter in Canada here: C-7626

Spa filter dimensions:

  • Diameter: 7.0″
  • Length: 9 11/16″
  • Top Hole: 3.0″
  • Bottom Hole: 3.0″

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Pleatco PA25-4This spa filter is made from quality Reemay brand filter fabric. 

Filter problems can be caused by out-of-balance water, so be sure to keep your pH between 7.2-7.6 and test regularly to enjoy long-lasting, pure and clean hot tub water.  Either filter will do the job and you can select whichever one meets your needs.