Spa Frog Floater System – Complete Mineral Hot Tub Care

The new floating system takes care of both mineral and bromine cartridges so you can just add the floater to the spa while you relax.  The floating system contains a bromine and a mineral cartridge.  No external or additional equipment is needed. When the cartridges are empty, simply replace.   No messing with mineral sticks or bromine feeders. 

Frog floater replacementsOnce you have established the right dosing, it is pretty much set and forget until it is empty.  When the cartridge is empty, the floater tilts to the side to alert you to replace.  This is convenience when it comes to adding sanitizer to your spa.  The yellow cartridge is bromine and the blue cartridge is the mineral cartridge.   These are the 2 cartridges that come in the green floater.

Get the complete kit here:Spa Frog Floating System – Complete Mineral Spa Care

This item is the complete package with the green floater.  Many reviewers say that using bromine as a base sanitizer is easier than chlorine.  Bromine also lasts longer in hot water.  It is still important to test your water regularly and adjust for pH as needed.


Get more replacements here: 5 pack spa frog replacement cartridges, 4 bromine/ 1 mineral