Spa Fragrances Help Create The Perfect Holiday Mood

Waters Choice Spa Relaxing Aroma

Say your spa filter is already clean, the water is looking good and the holidays are upon us.  What is the one thing you can do to increase the enjoyment of your winter spa use?

Add aromatherapy to the mix.  Adding a dash of fragrance to the spa water can greatly enhance mind, body and spirit.  Spa fragrances come in a wide variety of styles: liquid, crystal and air packs. 

Liquid Spa Scents

Liquid hot tub scents such as those made by InSpaRation go right in the water.  Just add a dash and enjoy instant aroma.  They last for a little while and then you simply add another dash if you want more.  These liquid spa scents also come in “kid friendly scents” like berry, watermelon and others.

Spa Salts

Spa salts or crystals are also added directly to the spa water. In addition to creating that perfect aromatherapy experience, they also invigorate the circulatory system and aid in healing.

Sea salts such as used by Waters Choice, a manufacturer of quality spa salts,  are well known for their therapeutic benefits such as helping to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.  This can help bring relief from joint and muscle pain, arthritis, poor circulation and fatigue. The salts fully dissolve and can be added in single doses before you begin your spa session.   They come in Exotic Night, Happy, Refresh, Escape and Wellness.

Air Blower Scent Packs

These dry scent packs are inserted in a canister in the spa. Some manufacturers call this their aromatherapy system, but most of them require that you turn on the air blower in order to induce the scent into the air ducts and then into the spa water.  This method also works, but many air blowers are loud and defeat the point of relaxation.  With either the crystal or the spa salts, you can even sit in completely still, hot water, stare at the stars and enjoy aromatherapy through these added scents.

However you introduce aroma to your hot tub experience, enjoy the holiday season with aromatherapy in your hot tub.

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