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Get a replacement filter for your Arctic Spas hot tub in Canada.

As Canadians, we are used to the harsh climates that come during the winter months. But just because we may live in such climates doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice a good soak in an outdoor hot tub in our own backyards!

Arctic hot tubs are the perfect type of tub to have in your backyard, as these spas are engineered to endure even the toughest climates. Spas require regular maintenance and proper filtration to work properly and to keep the water safe for use year round, and Arctic Spas are no exception.

Buy Quality Spa Filters For Less

Keeping your Arctic spa or other brand hot tub working optimally involves a decent amount of maintenance, including caring for and regularly changing the spa filter. Regular tending to your filter cartridge will ensure that the mesh designed to capture all the dirt and debris maintains its integrity. Over time, this mesh or filter media, can start to loosen, and inevitably start to allow more and more particles through, thereby compromising the health of the tub’s water. For this reason, it’s necessary to regularly clean the filter and change it when needed.

Beware of filters of poor quality! Not all filters are made the same, so it’s important that you buy your Arctic Spa replacement filters only from a reputable supplier who has been in the business of providing hot tub owners with only the finest quality filters from brand name manufacturers. 

There are online sites that sell brand name and high quality replacement filter cartridges for less, like Spa Filters Canada.  Buying on line can save you money over getting replacements at your spa retailer and replacements are available for all makes and models. Look for filters that feature multiple layers of durable fabrics like polypropylene which will capture even the smallest particles with each passing of water. This translates into more debris eliminated from your tub in less time for the healthiest spa water possible!

Visit www.SpaFilters.ca and browse through their online showroom of high quality spa filters, cleaning solutions and other items for your hot tub. Order a few to keep on hand when the time comes to change your filter, or to pop in as a replacement when you deep clean your current filter.  Buying filters in bulk saves time and money.

While you should hose down your filter once every 7-10 days, it is important to soak it overnight in water and cleansing solution at least once a month.  Filters should be replaced every year for maximum performance.

 At www.SpaFilters.ca, when you order in bulk you save even more!  Visit SpaFilters.ca today and get quality Arctic spa filters online for less – delivered right to your address in Canada.

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Hot tub spa replacement filters for Canadians.

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