Unicel Replacement Filters Canada

Unicel Filters for hot tubs

Have a Unicel filter number? Find a replacement for the Unicel filter here.  You can buy the Unicel brand filters or the Master Deluxe, Filbur or Pleatco equivalent.

The same way you can buy different manufacturers windshield wiper blades, refrigerator filters and other disposable products, you can also buy spa filters at deep discounts online. 

Did you know that you should replace your hot tub filter at least every year to 1 1/2 years?  This is because otherwise it becomes clogged and makes the pump work harder. It also does a less effective job filtering out particulates in the water which end up against your skin.   A dirty filter coupled with pH neglect can cause the early demise of heater elements, seals and gaskets, and other hot tub components – and did we mention the water is not clean?

Just take out the current filter, read the code on the top end cap for the model number and buy a replacement online.  If you don’t want to remember to do this again next year, and you want free shipping – buy Unicel or other brand hot tub filters in bulk!

Compare prices on 6Ch-940 and other Unicel Spa filters in Canada here:

6CH-940 45sqft filter on Amazon Canada

or on Ebay
6CH Unicel Hot Tub Filters Canada
replaces Filbur: FC-0359 and Pleatco: PWW 50 – This filter: Unicel#: 6CH-940

Unicel Model Number Filter Listings

Unicel C-4405

Unicel C-4950 50 sq.ft. filter

Unicel C-5396 

Unicel C-6430


Don’t see the filter you need?  Email us at info@spafilters.ca and we will get back to you asap with the best price on the filter(s) you need for your hot tub.

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Hot tub spa replacement filters for Canadians.