Del Sol Hot Tub Filters Canada

Find  a replacement filter for your Del Sol hot tub online in Canada and save big!

Popular Del Sol hot tub filters include:

40 sq. ft. filter FC-2811 replaces PJW40SC-F2M, 5CH-402, FC-2811 measuring 9 7/8″ long x 5 1/4″ diameter with top handle and bottom 2.0″ MPT fine threaded connector.

Other Del Sol hot tub filters include:





PJW60TL2A, FC-2800, 6CH-960 measuring 15 1/2″ long x 6 3/4″ diameter with 2″ SAE threaded bottom and top handle.

Del Sol Spa Filter Cleaning

Your Del Sol spa is fitted with a skimmer basket and a filter cartridge which is located in the skimmer. Rinse off the filter every week or two to remove suspended particles that are

trapped on the filter’s surface.  Turn off the power to the spa before you begin.  Then just remove the filter strainer lid assembly and remove the filter cartridge by rotating it counterclockwise to unthread it (for spas with threaded filter connections).

Rinse off the filter pleats with a garden hose.  Once a month, use an overnight filter bath or spray cleaner to deep clean the filter.  Unlike many other hot tub manufacturers that say to change the filter annually, Del Sol says you can go up to 2 years on a cartridge, but once the filter pores are not filtering properly due to changes in the microscopic hole diameters of the filter paper, it is best to exchange the filter every 1 year to 1 1/2 years depending on use.