Central Vacuum Filters in Canada

Central vac systems require periodic maintenance and attention to filtering just like spas and other filtering appliances.  Some central vacuums use a filter bag while others have foam filters or cartridge filters.

The Hoover Generation III and model 55675 as well as other late model Hoover central vacs use a 38763006 model Hoover- 38763006 Central Vacuum Filter Cartridge.

Central Vacuum Bags

The bags that fit in central vacs are often neglected as homeowners may not realize these need to be replaced once in awhile.  Drywall, dust and debris can accumulate and lower the efficiency of your central vac system.  Replacements are available online for all types of these filters including the paper or cloth bags, cloth mesh or foam as well as the cartridge type filters.

If your filter canister has a hanging bag in it when you remove the dirt catcher, then you have a bag-type vac system. 

You can also service your vac lines with maintenance cloths. TORNADO POWER Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths

Other central vac brands include Royal and Electrolux. 


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