Car Replacement Oil Filters Canada

Automotive replacement filters are available online for most makes and models.

Automotive Oil Filters


You can save money over bringing it to the garage or dealership. 

Buy the right replacement oil filter online and change the oil as per your car’s owner’s manual.  Also document the date you changed it to keep on the right intervals.  Having service records is also a good idea when you go to sell the vehicle.

Changing the car’s oil filter involves draining out the old oil. Be sure to set your parking brake.  If you have a ramp or jack, then you can get at the oil drain plug easier.  You also open the oil cap in the engine compartment before commencing with the draining of the oil pan.  Once your tray is in position to receive the dirty oil, open the oil plug (counter-clockwise) with socket or crescent wrench. Your hands will get oil on them !

Find the oil filter (it is not where the oil drain plug is). This can be a bit of an Easter egg hunt depending on what model you have.  Swap out the filters and prime the new filter by putting some new oil from your finger onto the replacement oil filter gasket and putting a little oil into the replacement filter. This will help assure a tight seal and make it easier for the car to function with the newly changed oil and filter. 

Once the oil has drained completely, close the oil plug up and then proceed to refill fresh oil.  Then replace the filter cap and start ‘er up.  Some cars even allow you to reset the oil change light with a button (such as on Toyota Sienna and other models).

You’re not quite done yet because you need to properly dispose of the old oil and filter.  Most places that sell oil will let you know where you can bring the used oil for recycling.

Drive safely!




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