Aromatherapy Spa Scents for Hot Tubs

Adding aromatherapy liquids, crystals or pouches to hot tubs can help create the perfect ambience.

There are plenty of aromatherapy spa scents that are especially formulated for use in hot tubs.  Regular scented oils will gum up the filter and may even cause foaming and other problems in spas, but most of the products sold for use in hot tubs are made so that they don’t plug up the hot tub filter or create any water quality issues.

Spa Salts for Hot Tubs

Spa salts are a new popular product that are made of therapeutic mineral salts that offer an aromatherapy experience.   See the Spazazz products at Canada’s

Liquid spa scents and aromatherapyLiquid Aromatherapy for Spas

Another popular aromatherapy type for spas are bottles of liquid fragrance formulated for hot tubs.  Popular sizes include the single-portion pillow packets, the small 4 ounce bottles and larger bottles of liquid fragrance.

These liquids are easy to add directly to hot tub water for instant aromatherapy without needing to activate a spa blower or pump.  They also dissipate in about an hour and leave no foam or residue.

Aromatherapy Pouches

There are also dry spa scent packets that are made for aromatherapy canisters that some hot tubs have plumbed into their air lines.  These packets are non-liquid and are just put inside of an aromatherapy holder located around the top edge of a spa so equipped.  Usually the air blower needs to be activated to get air moving in the air lines and the scent is then distributed through the air injectors or air jets into the spa water.  

The only problem with this approach is that prolonged use of an air blower may lead to spa water cooling down faster than it normally would, and the blowers also tend to be noisier than regular spa pumps.  Even on spas equipped with an aromatherapy system like this, you can still choose to just use sales, liquids or crystals.

However you are able to add aroma to your spa, it will heighten the senses and increase your overall experience.

Liquid scents may include Cherry Blossum, Coconut Manto, Eucalyptus Mint, Jasmine Joy, Lavender, Passion, Pomegranate, Romance, Spaberry, Tranquility and Vanilla Twist.  Spa salts include  Wellness, Summer Breeze, Escape, Exotic Night and Citrus Splash.

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