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Hot Tub Chemicals in CanadaThis year has been the “Deep Freeze” in the Northeast.  The snow was already melting in Sochi, but around the Greater Toronto area, snow is still piled high in March.  This year, Willie the groundhog was definitely right.  As the sun begins to signal that spring is in the air, it is soon time to get the hot tub back into great shape.  Once we get to positive temperatures, a water change may be the first order of business.  Clean or replace the spa filter at the same time.

Need spa chemicals?  Be sure to keep the correct amount of sanitizer in the water and test regularly with test strips.  Adjust pH as needed up or down and enjoy your hot tub this spring!

Popular hot tub chemicals include the use of bromine pucks or chlorine (granular or pucks).  Having pH minus or plus on hand will help keep the water balanced at the ideal pH level of between 7.2 – 7.6.  Another trick is to shock the water every few weeks to restore the available chlorine or bromine. Never mix chlorine and bromine.    Having an installed ozonator will help reduce the amount of sanitizer you need to add, but you still need to add some.

Many of the add-on products are just Band-Aid solutions, so if your water is excessively foaming, you may use foam-down liquid to get you through the day, but there are probably a lot of tds (total dissolved solids), shampoos or perhaps out of pH balanced water causing the foaming in the first place, so you may just need to change the water rather than adding more chemicals.

Have a great spring and enjoy your hot tub, Canada!

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