Spa Filter Cleaner Extends Life of Cartridge Filters

Top load filter

Spa filter cleaner goes beyond the regular rinsing off of the paper cartridge filters and provides a deep cleaning that opens the pores of the filter media.  Rinsing with a garden hose is great for getting dirt and debris to come off of the filter paper, but oils, lotions and other microscopic particles can clog filter pores. They are not easily removed with just a rinse off, so they require a spray on cartridge cleaner or an overnight filter soak. 

Cartridge Filter CleanerSpray On Cartridge Cleaner

Commercial spray-on cartridge cleaners can open up clogged filter pores and extend the life of your spa filter.  They are specially formulated to eat away at smaller particulates as well as oils and sediment.  Simply spray between the pleats of the filter and then rinse off with a hose and let the filter dry. Then replace back into the spa.

Overnight Cartridge Cleaner

Spaboss Cartridge Filter Cleaner CanadaAn overnight filter soak is simple to use. Just get a bucket or container that is larger than the filter and fill it with the overnight filter cleaning solution.

Some solutions require dilution with a certain amount of water, while others are sold as is, so read the instructions on your overnight filter cartridge cleaner.  Since most of these solutions are acid based, avoid splashing in eyes or coming into contact with skin.  Allow filter to soak for at least 12 hours (some require 24 hours) and your filter will then be bright white and sparkling clean once again. 

Rinse off with garden hose and replace once dry. 


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