How to Change a Hot Tub Filter

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Changing a hot tub filter is as simple as removing it, finding the correct replacement filter online and then replacing the filter with the new one.  See all of our spa filters here.

Step 1:  Find the existing filter in the spa

This is usually done by removing a filter cover or in the case of a pressure filter, opening the filter canister by following the hot tub manufacturer instructions on accessing the cartridge filter.

Step 2:  Read the filter model number from the end cap of the filter

Many filters have a model number stamped into the plastic end cap (on one end or the other end of the spa filter plastic top or bottom).  That model number may be a Unicel, Pleatco, Filbur, Master Series or other replacement spa filter number.  With number in hand, see the cross reference guide and find the best replacement filter online.

Step 3:  Buy the Master Deluxe cartridge filter and save money

When you know the filter model, you can find the equivalent Master Deluxe filter and save money.  Buy 2 or more filters and be able to rotate them when the other one is being cleaned.  Spa filters should be replaced annually to avoid damaging equipment and to help keep the spa water fresh and clean.  Master Deluxe filters are made from the same quality Reemay filter media that other brands including Filbur use, but offered at a fraction of the cost.

Enjoy crystal clear water in your hot tub with your new hot tub filter.

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