Fall is Hot Tub Season in Canada

Enjoy hot tub in the fall

The fall brings out the beautiful colours in our local parks, but also creates the perfect ambient temperatures for an evening soak in the hot tub.

Before the snow arrives, home owners are turning their attention to winter maintenance preparations.  When it comes to the hot tub, just be sure to have enough chemicals on hand as well as a spare filter or two.  It is also best to change the water before the snow sets in to get you through 3 months of winter.

Some hot tub owners decide they will drain their spa over the winter, but this requires winterizing the spa and assuring every last bit of water is removed from the spa plumbing to avoid freezing lines and bursting pipes.  Be sure to read the section on winterizing your hot tub in your owners manual if you go that route.

Assuring the spa cover is in good working order will help save energy over the winter months.  If you are going away for a few days, it may be best to just leave the hot tub in standard operating mode. Some choose to lower the spa temperature during extended absences for energy savings. 

Enjoy your hot tub this fall!

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