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Ahh Some Hot Tub Cleaner

Ahh Some Hot Tub CleanerWith jetted Jacuzzi tubs, we all have heard of a product that foams up when added to water so that you can clean the lines here and there. 

Unlike a hot tub, a jetted bath tub may not benefit from regular circulation. Sometimes jetted baths are used without using the pump or jets. 

This means stale water continues to stay in the plumbing lines.   Hotels have a major problem with this and many use a jetted bath tub cleaner to rid the hoses and lines from unpleasant gunk and bacteria.

Water Quality Problems – Hot Tubs
With hot tubs, one figures that the water is in circulation anyways, so the pipes are probably all clean.  This may not be the case for many reasons. 

  • The hot tub does not effectively circulate 24/7
  • The hot tub may not have been in use for awhile or even drained
  • The spa water may not have been maintained at an optimal pH and with optimum sanitizer level
  • The same residue that starts appearing on the filter and inside the tub is also in the plumbing lines after prolonged use
  • The water quality deteriorates over a period of weeks and months to necessitate a water change

So, although one can wipe down the shell and even rinse it off, how do we get rid of gunk inside the plumbing lines?

A wasteful method may be to keep filling and emptying the spa with fresh water to “rinse out the lines”. 

A new product is out called Ahh-Some and it is just for this purpose.  Before you go ahead and drain the water for a water change, just add a tablespoon of Ahh-Some to the water and let it do its magic.  After following the manufacturer’s directions, empty the tub, wipe it down and both the spa and the plumbing lines are now ready for fresh, clean water.

Find out more about Ahh-Some on Amazon Canada  and try it before your next water change.


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